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Biodiversity Project

Enhancing biodiversity on private land

Annie Perkins (Groundwork Associates Limited) presenting this research

Objectives of this research

  • Explore ways to catalyse biodiversity change on private land at a community or regional level by interviewing the landowners who are impacted by these initiatives
  • Identify a wide array of tools that can be used by councils, community groups, and agencies to support the on-the-ground biodiversity activities undertaken by landowners.
  • Identify synergies and conflicts between the tools identified.

Methods summary

  1. Landowners who had completed significant biodiversity enhancement work were selected
  2. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with eleven landowners from seven rural Waikato properties
  3. Interview output was systematically processed to identify direct and indirect tools for biodiversity enhancement as well as positives and negatives of each tool, and synergies and conflicts with other tools
  4. Results from landowner interviews were presented at a series of workshops and feedback was collected
  5. Results were also checked against input from two other research projects.


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For a full description of the methods used, please view the full report (linked below).

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