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Core Team

We’re small but mighty! Here’s how this works for you.

Groundwork has a small core team. This keeps our overheads low and our fees competitive. BUT we have fantastic networks and strong systems so we can pull in the people we need, when we need them and get them up and running fast, to deliver big projects in a spectacularly cost-effective way.

Annie Perkins

BSc (Dairy Science), MSc (Ecological Economics)
Annie has worked in sustainable agriculture and natural resource management in New Zealand since 1995. She has been an extension researcher, sustainable agriculture education coordinator, soil conservator, and catchment planner. Annie has extensive experience as a professional facilitator and project manager. She has a BSc in Dairy Science (Virginia, USA) and an MSc in Ecological Economics (Edinburgh, Scotland).

Annie completed a post-graduate diploma in Sustainable Practice and was accepted for accreditation as an Associate of The Natural Step NZ. She was appointed to sit on the Hamilton City Council Sustainability Panel, is a founding member of Sustainable Waikato, and was a founding trustee of the Te Whangai. She is a member of many industry groups, such as APEN, NZIPIM, NZARM, and NZFSS.


Monica Peters

2016-10-20_staff-photos_by-finn-kennedy_2_monica-peters-resized.jpg MSc (Ecology), PhD (Ecology of Community Environmental Groups: Integrating restoration, partnerships & citizen science)
Community-led biodiversity restoration, conservation and citizen science are where Monica’s personal and professional interests overlap. Monica is working on a diverse range of projects, mostly working in partnership with NGOs, science professionals, community members, iwi and government agencies. Monica’s background includes hands-on conservation, research, international development and fine arts. Although eclectic, these are just different lenses through which to interpret and understand our environment.


Sameen Masood

MSc (Sociology), MA (Islamic Banking), PhD (Educational Choice Process of Students)
As a Rural Sociologist, Sameen brings a decade of research, facilitation and advisory experience from the education and development sectors. She is passionate to work on agriculture development and rurality. Her research umbrellas multiple dimensions of agriculture stretching from agriculture extension, disaster management in farming context, agriculture financing, and social structures and cultures unique to rural settings. Her keen interest in agriculture, international exposure, research training and experience broadens the scope of the services provided at Groundwork Associates.


Laurie Hayes

BAHons (English), BAHons (Religion)
Laurie Hayes is an instructional designer that helps clients around the world to design, develop, and deliver instructor-led and computer-based courses on topics ranging from OHS/WHS and regulatory compliance to software sales and soft skills training. Laurie is currently pursuing a PHD in Screen and Media Studies at the University of Waikato, with a focus on online storytelling and audience engagement. Laurie specialises in shaping narratives to facilitate learning and encourage culture change.


Finn Kennedy

BCGD, MCGD (Computer Graphic Design)
Finn joined the Groundwork team in 2015 after completing a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design at The University of Waikato, developing a passion for videography and photography. He completed his Masters in 2017, at which point he joined the Groundwork team full-time as a Digital Media Designer. Finn is Groundwork’s champion of digital media, including video capture for facilitated events, photography, and graphic design. He grew up on the farmland in the Hauraki Plains and is very familiar with farming culture.


Simon Hinchco

BMA (Communication)
Simon joined the Groundwork team in 2013. He completed the Bachelor of Media Arts (Communication), specialising in Public Relations and Advertising at Wintec in 2012. In his time at Groundwork, Simon has become proficient using Google services and was part of the team responsible for transitioning the business to the Google Apps for Business suite. This experience helps facilitate working collaboratively (using Google’s apps suite) both internally, and with our clients. In addition to his communication work on client projects, he looks after Groundwork’s internal I.T. services and accounts administration.

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